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A few months ago I stumbled on an IDE named Aptana and I instantly recognized that it was the perfect IDE for developers who have found it difficult to convert to CFEclipse. And why is it such a great replacement? For starters Aptana is actually based on Eclipse. That means it has all the great features that you've heard of about Eclipse, including the ability to use the CFEclipse plug-in with it. You can install CFEclipse the same way you'd install it for Eclipse, and there's almost no difference in how it works. (Figure 1) But why is this any better than Eclipse? Well, the biggest roadblock for new CFEclipse users is the project-base workflow that it requires. But Aptana supports both the project-based workflow and the traditional file-based workflow that these users are accustomed to. This is huge, because it means that developers can continue to work the way the... (more)

Designing ColdFusion Applications With UML

Have you ever watched actors improvise? It's quite fun; you never know what's going to happen. But imagine if a movie director decided a script wasn't necessary at all. After all, the actors know the plot and know the most about their characters, so why not let them improvise. Wouldn't this lead to a more creative and realistic movie? I think we can all see that this would simply lead to a confusing story with no consistency. The actors are expected to impose their own talents on their roles, but they need a script to guide them along. Developers are no different, yet I see "impr... (more)